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• In disaster risk reduction:Creation, adjustment and execution of policies, laws, norms, programs, and financing that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all sectors and all aspects of GRD.
• In the reduction and preparation of disasters:Development of standards and accessibility plans in the urban and rural environment that guarantee access to health services, evacuation routes, safe areas, temporary accommodation.
• In disaster preparedness, response and recovery:

o Application of procedures and protocols for ALERT and ALARM inclusive.
o Evaluation of the level of disaster preparedness.
o Strengthening institutional capacities, health personnel, people with disabilities and their caregivers.
o Inclusion of the particular needs in the response plans.
o Development of inclusive simulation exercises.
o Evaluation and improvement of interventions.
o Application of procedures and protocols of evacuation, rescue and medical attention with emphasis on the particularities and individual needs.
o Activation of multisectoral coordination mechanisms to guarantee access to health care and assistance devices; water, sanitation and hygiene; food security and nutrition; and, temporary housing.
o Reconditioning of infrastructure applying universal accessibility regulations
o Rebuild better = Safe, green infrastructure (adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change and accessible.